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Your Goal is on us will guide you towards your goal. It’s a no distractions, no discouragement, no nonsense, community driven Q&A platform, designed specifically to answer your questions, as many times as you need to achieve your goal. One step at a time.

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Just set Your Goal and let it flow

You set your goal (the more details you provide the better). Other users will answer by suggesting what should be your first step. You select the answer you like the most, and follow the given advice. Once you face another obstacle, you simply ask another, follow-up question. And again, answers will come, you select the one you like the most, you act on it, and again… and again… until you achieve your goal!

Key Features

  • One Goal - all your questions - no need to create new topic on new message board each time you got stuck. We allow you to create unlimited number of questions within your goal - that way you don’t need to repeat yourself and other users can see the context of your question and the choices you’ve made
  • Keep it sweet, keep it short - no lengthy essays, overwhelming tutorials or vague thoughts. Users’ answers are limited to 250 characters to make them simple, concise and actionable.
  • Hard choices made easy - many answers and only one can be selected? We've got that covered - voting system allows users to vote the answers up and down, to make your choice easier.
  • No space for distractions - we're serious about achieving goals. No embedded photos and videos and only one link per answer. And one answer per user. One good answer or one good resource is better than dozen of mediocre ones, so make it count.
  • Take it outside! - Disagree with someone's advice? Well, take it outside, there's no possibility to run 10 pages long debates. Trolling, dangerous advice or spam will be quickly taken care of with the help of little "report" button by every answer.
  • Inspire and get inspired! - Is there anything more inspiring than success story? Each goal is a soon-to-be success story. Your goal too! Achieve your goal and inspire those who have similar one. Or follow other goals, see each step that has been made to achieve it, see every overcame obstacle and get inspired!
  • Share! - Share everything! Share Your goal, share your answers, share your steps, share your questions, share your success, share your mistakes, share your wisdom.
  • Available on all platforms - is a web app, which means you can access it from your browser without the need to install anything. It is fully responsive, so it will work smoothly and be easy to use on every device, regardless the OS or screen size.


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