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This is a special page of - free advice sharing, networking and trading platform for businesses, freelancers and entrepreneurs. Our motto is Connecting Through Helping. We're currently working on it.

With our platform you will be able to achieve your business goals, solve problems and overcome obstacles, but also find new clients and discover new products.

At the moment we're applying for funds from EU Commission. Those funds will allow us to finish building the platform, develop all the necessary features and attract more businesses: mentors ready to share their advice and experience, or your potential customers & business partners.

It's a long, difficult and competitive process, but we're convinced we're building a product that will help you resolve all your entrepreneurial problems, find new clients, build up your reputation and grow your business. And, today, you can help us to make that difference. How? By writing simple Expression of Interest letter. Please keep on reading or jump right to the point.

ABOUT is a free Questions & Answers platform, uniquely designed not only to give users answers to their questions, but to actually help them achieve their goals.

Here's how it works:

How to achieve goals:


With you can:

1) Get advice and achieve goals, step by step

Get advice and achieve goals

2) Brainstorm ideas and get new insights

Brainstorm ideas

3) Discover new product and solutions. Or sell Yours!

Discover new tools and solutions

To you, as a business, it means:

  • chance to solve your problems, find solutions, attract new clients and grow your business;

  • increase your business' level of transparency and reputation (also in search engines);

  • increase your business' PR outreach & attracting media attention with your story;

  • have contact with your clients when they need you (or before!), rather than when they need to make a complaint (like on Facebook business pages);

Read more about the benefits for your business:

Freelancers, Startups or Small and Medium Businesses

Depending how you interact with, our platform will allow you to present yourself as a credible expert with attractive product or service, or answer your business related questions.

I will be Asking Questions

I will be

Asking Questions

    You will:
  • Get free advice and achieve your business goals;
  • Discover new tools, products and services that can help you accomplish your goal;
  • Get exposure to new clients, business partners, media and investors;
  • Build your brand awareness and get free exposure;
  • Present your business as transparent, 'human' and trustworthy;
  • Sell your product or service;
  • Drive traffic to your website;
  • Improve your domain authority;
  • Build and expand your network;
I will be Answering Questions

I will be

Answering Questions

    You will:
  • Build your reputation as a knowledgeable, reliable, credible and trustworthy Business or Expert in your field;
  • Build personal relationship with your clients;
  • Attract clients and get sales directly through your website;
  • Discover clients' "pain points" and get new, valuable insights;
  • Build brand awareness;
  • Drive traffic to your website;
  • Improve your domain authority;
  • Promote your products or services;
  • Build and expand your network;

Charities, Non-Profits and NGOs

We understand that your main goal is helping your members overcome their unfavorable life circumstances. will tackle some of the most crucial societal challenges (health, demographic, food security, well being, equal chances), through helping each and every individual achieve his/her goal, allowing them to reach their full potential, regardless their age, sex, nationality, beliefs or life circumstances.

>Benefits to your Members

Benefits to your Members

    Your members will:
  • Get free advice, guidance and encouragement from supportive community, free and accessible 24/7 from any device with internet connection;
  • Learn about new ways and solutions to their problems;
  • Gain wisdom and experience they will pass on to others;
  • Achieve success, overcome the difficulties;
  • Motivate and inspire others;
  • Write their own success stories;
Benefits to your Organization

Benefits to your Organization

    You will:
  • Build your reputation as a reliable, credible organization;
  • Grow social awareness around the problem you are solving;
  • Discover new ways and partners to expand your activities;
  • Have ability to help members remotely;
  • Attract sponsors, press and donations;
  • Drive traffic to your website;
  • Build and expand your network;

Life Coaches, Business Coaches and Mentors

Our platform allows you to grow your personal brand and get new clients by sharing your wisdom, knowledge and life experience with those who need it most.

Or answer your questions, because life sure is a complex puzzle to solve.

I will be Answering Questions

I will be

Answering Questions

    You will:
  • Help businesses grow and expand;
  • Build your reputation as a knowledgeable, reliable, credible and trustworthy mentor;
  • Attract media attention and get clients through your website;
  • Build and expand your professional network;
  • Promote yourself and your services;
  • Drive traffic to your website;
  • Improve your domain authority;
  • Grow your organisation's or personal brand;
I might be Asking Questions

I might be

Asking Questions

    You will:
  • Get free advice and achieve your goals;
  • Discover new ways, services or tools that will help you accomplish your objectives;
  • Appear as honest, transparent and trustworthy;
  • Build your personal brand awareness and get free exposure;
  • Drive traffic to your website;
  • Improve your domain authority;
  • Build and expand your network;
  • Sell your services;


  • Free and fully functional for standard and commercial use;

  • Unique layout to provide easy, smooth and noise-free navigation;

  • Cost efficient and highly goal-targeted advertising;

  • Self-promotion is allowed and encouraged, as long as it's not intrusive and addresses user's question;

  • Extra features for Premium users, commission based payments (no upfront costs, so if you get no client - you don't pay a penny, and you keep the features):

    • Instant email or text notifications about the questions related to your field of expertise, location, keywords and hashtags, so you can answer user's question in seconds,

    • Access to the analytics and big data,

    • Ability to run free surveys;

    • Ability to set up your own business page on our platform (if you don't have your own yet);

    • Having your profile searchable for SEO;


With Google you are on your own. You have to figure out not only how to achieve your Goal, but also every single step along the way. Going through tens of articles on the same topic, sometimes with contradictory information, often written purely for higher SEO rating (content marketing). Having 20 tabs opened simultaneously... sounds familiar?

With you don't need to waste your precious time on research, that already has been made, or browse random resources that might, or might not, be useful to your current problem. All you need to know is WHAT you want to achieve, and we will show you HOW - step by step.

Assuming you know what you want to ask about, you are indeed very likely to get the answer. Often long, comprehensive answer, that almost certainly will be too generic and too universal, to be useful for your very specific needs and very unique circumstances.

With the responses you will get will be short, precise, adequate to your needs and actionable.

On Forums you don't have to be very specific, and the community will often guide you, point you in the right direction or help you with whatever you're having difficulty with. Problem starts when your question grows and attracts more responses - in which case it's getting harder and harder to keep up with the flow, having to deal with long responses, discussion shattered into several pages, quotations of quotations that are getting harder to handle, never mind trolling or discouragement that somebody is likely to ignite.

With you can be certain the flow of the responses will never break out of control, and you won't need to handle several offtopic discussions simultaneously. Layout we designed prevents that from happening, and helps you stay on your path the entire time


If you like what we do, if you think this platform will help you overcome obstacles and grow your business, you can help us to make it happen, by writing a letter of interest that expresses your interest in our free platform.