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Goal Achieving Manual (EN-UK)

Click on the logo in the left upper corner, and you’ll see a simple landing page.

You make a decision: should I stay, should I read further, should I sign up?

We hope you will. If the message you see on the landing page is not appealing enough, we’ll probably change it soon.

If the photo we picked doesn’t make you feel warm and happy — we will find something more inspiring and replace it.

If you decide to send us hate mail, we’ll probably either ignore it, or politely ask you not to do it again. Ever. To anyone. But most likely we’ll just ignore it.

Because we are congruent with our platform. We are our platform! We ignore tiny obstacles, we overcome the big ones, we stay focused, we are, step by step, getting closer to our goal. We spread the hope, motivation, encouragement, good karma and love.

Rebel without a Montage

I can’t even count how many times I was told something is impossible to do, how my ideas were “stupid” or “immature”, how I should “get real”… Unfortunately for those saying / writing all those comments, by nature I am the rebel type, who, the more is told something can’t be done, the more wants to prove the opposite.

You can now imagine me doing push ups in the morning, working hard for money during the day and studying devotedly in the library at night with higlighter in one hand and index markers in another, obligatory with Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out For a Hero” as a background music, achieving success by the end of this 5 minutes long track. But it’s not quite like that.

In reality, achieving goals is far less fancy and spectacular than those 80’s montage videos, and certainly nowhere near the hilarious montage scene from 'Team America'. Often, the first thing we hear when we verbalize our idea, are the words of discouragement. No good! Some people will try to discourage you using more sophisticated methods, such as giving you a speech on how difficult it is, how much time, money and sweat you need to contribute, how likely you are about to fail, hoping to overwhelm you so that you’ll give up on it before you even start. No good too!

Even "Rocky" had a montage

Indeed there are some lucky people who, thanks to certain circumstances, just happen to receive great things from life almost delivered on the silver plate. It could be anything from pure luck (being in the right place at the right time), personality type that makes them likable without them even really trying (resulting in people offering them opportunities), to even shallow, superficial factors such as good looking body and face (you are free to argue with that, but is has been proven over and over again that we treat people who have good facial bone structure way better than the one that don’t have it). But majority of us need to to the preparation, the research and the work all by ourselves.

"When I was Your age..."

Many people will say that 15 — 20 years ago it was even harder, since the access to the internet was limited, while the quantity and quality of information available online was far from satisfactory, leaving us no choice but digging through books and scraping out the bits of information.

But was it really?

Unlimited information available online today, in my opinion, makes it even harder. Not only we need to waste a lot of time to filter out the good quality information, but often we are presented with the contradictory opinions on the same subject, both coming from so-called “high authority websites”. Back in pre-2000, writing a book, or even an article, required the person to exercise high level of knowledge on the subject, above average writing skills and often long hours of research — which meant you could almost fully rely on the information presented by author. Doing that in 2017 is both naive and risky, knowing that even some of the world’s most respected authorities have biased opinions, and many books are written only to sell.

Through all that: discouragement, not enough or too much overwhelming, contradictory information, lack of motivation, struggle to focus on the project while paying the bills and trying to handle your spiritual and love life, I had to go through. And the is a result. If you used to fight the same battles, or are fighting them at the moment, keep on reading, because we have a solution.

What exactly is

Let me introduce you to . is a Q&A (questions & answers) social-networking platform designed specifically to help you achieve your goal, no matter how small or how big it is. It is Your goal. allows you to divide your big goal into small, easy to follow steps as you go. You don’t need to make those steps upfront, because — honestly — nobody knows what steps you’ll need to make in order to achieve what you want. Your next steps will be result of your previous actions.

Think of it as a paper map of New York and a GPS. Yes, you can look at the paper map, memorize the directions from Point A to Point B and all possible detours in case of the roadworks, traffic jam, marathon, then turn the engine on and try your luck… Or you can turn your GPS on, and each time you reach the crossroad, exit, roundabout or obstacle, the calm voice in your device will tell you which way to go next. That’s .

We will have zero tolerance to trolling, spam and discouragement. Real life is full or unfavorable circumstances and we want this website to be your sanctuary.

But most importantly — your success will not remain unnoticed. Because each of your questions is linked to the previously selected answer, which — again, is linked to your previously asked question, you will be creating your own story, success story, that each user will be able to read. Read and get inspired by!

Bottom line:

Will we succeed? Yes, you know why? Because we won’t stop trying.

Will You succeed? Yes, you know why? Because we won’t let You give up!

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