You have a Goal but don't know how to start?

How to achieve goals:

One Step at a Time

Set Your Goal
Write down what You want to achieve

Get responses
Users advise what You should do first

Select one response
Select one advice that makes most sense to You.
(That way You will stay focused on Your Goal)

Follow the advice
Act on the selected advice and continue achieving Your Goal.
When You get stuck again, just...

Ask another question
No need to create new thread, simply continue achieving Your Goal by asking another, follow up question

Get responses
Users respond to Your question

Select one response
Sounds familiar, doesn't it? :)

Ask another question
You know what to do now, don’t you?

Select one response

And continue... 

And continue...

Until you achieve your goal!



Imagine the place where everything is possible

Where Your Goals are achievable

Where You'll get words of advice and words of encouragement

Where Your success can inspire others

Where You can share Your advice

Where You'll start transforming your life

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